Clive’s campaign pays off as new deal on Oyster cards means savings for local commuters

Clive Efford has welcomed the announcement from Ken Livingstone and new transport minister Douglas Alexander that London’s rail passengers will get the full benefit of Oyster cards.

Under the deal Transport for London will be pay for Oyster validation equipment to be provided for all London rail stations in zones 1-6.

Clive, who has raised this issue at the Transport Select Committee (pictured right), has been campaigning since last year to ensure that rail users in London are able to enjoy the same benefits as tube and bus users. Under the existing arrangements rail users are forced to pay a higher rate because rail stations are not equipped to deal with Oyster cards.

In the last six months Clive has raised this matter with government ministers, Transport for London and South East Trains. He has also highlighted the problem in the Transport Select Committee and to transport ministers in the House of Commons. Clive has outlined his concerns directly to Ken Livingstone when the Mayor met with executive members of the London group of Labour MPs.

Speaking after the deal was announced Clive said “This is great news for all of London’s rail users and particularly for those of us in South East London who do not have access to the London Underground. People in my constituency should be able to enjoy the lower fares offered by the Oyster card this year. I am delighted that the government and the Mayor have listened to those of us campaigning on this issue”.

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