Clive slams Eltham Post Office privatisation

Clive has written to the Post Office demanding that they take immediate action to ensure that the service offered to the public at Eltham Post Office is drastically improved.

Clive has received an alarming number of complaints from local people about delays and incompetence at the Post Office.

The Post Office recently gave a private company the franchise to run counter services at the Eltham branch. The Post Office gave assurances to Clive and others that the existing staff would be allowed to transfer to the new franchise so that experienced staff would remain. Instead there now appears to be a completely new contingent of staff and the service they are providing is completely unsatisfactory.

Clive said, “Despite the assurances that I was given by the Post Office I have received numerous complaints about staff being helped by the customers to find the relevant documents to deal with their inquiries. Queues are also growing because the new company is not able to deal with customers as smoothly as the previous experienced staff.”

Clive has also raised this matter in Parliament, tabling an Early Day Motion calling for privatisation of the Post Offices to be scrapped.

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