Clive helps tackle anti-social behaviour in Eltham North

Clive’s office is in Westmount Road and he is well aware of problems caused by some young people behaving antisocially in the area.

Clive suggested to the police that they hold a meeting at the police station with the parents of the young people that they have spoken to about their behaviour in the areas around the flats at Well Hall and Eltham Park.

Clive attended the meeting and it was very positive. The purpose of the meeting was to point out the dangers of their children getting a criminal record if the situation does not change. Clive has written to all the people who have contacted him to complain about the problems and ask them to keep him informed of the problems.

“No one wants these young people to get into trouble, so I hope we have brought home to the parents the seriousness of the situation.” added Clive.

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