Safer Neighbourhood Teams across Eltham and Plumstead

Every community in London will have its own police Safer Neighbourhood Team by 2008.

An SNT is comprised of a sergeant, two PCs and three Police Community Support Officers. Each team will be dedicated to policing one area. Teams are already up and running in Middle Park and Horn Park, on the Page Estate, across Coldharbour, New Eltham and Avery Hill and in other parts of the constituency. Each team will be based in the community – the Middle Park and Horn Park team is already based in the Co-Op in Westhorne Avenue. The Cop Shop was opened by Home Office minister Hazel Blears in 2005.

SNT Update
Every ward in Eltham will have at least one sergeant, one PC and two police support officers by 3 April 2006. Every one will have a full strength team by April 2007.

SNTs have been so successful at tackling local crime that every community is demandoing their own team. To meet this demand the remaining teams are being rolled out in two phases.


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