Coldharbour Post Office saved

“I’ve got good news” was the message on Clive Efford’s phone from Mr Chima, the owner of the Mound post office. 

Mr Chima had just heard that his post office will stay open. He told Clive, “I wanted you to be the first to know, because without your help, this post office would have closed.”

Clive wants to thank everyone who supported the campaign. Clive organised a packed public meeting with the local Residents’ Association and has raised the matter in parliament. Clive said, “Hundreds of people helped by signing the petition, writing letters and coming to our meeting. People rely on this branch and the alternatives were too far away.”

Clive put together a deal with the Council to keep the post office open. “The Council’s role has been vital. They have agreed to move all cash payments from the housing office to the post office. This extra business will make the Post Office a viable business.” he said.

Clive adds, “I am glad that the Post Office has seen sense. This branch needs customers to stay open, so please use it.”

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